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Can you imagine someone casting their first successful corporeal Patronus, but it comes out enormous and unidentifiable and it just keeps emerging out of their wand… everyone turns to watch, confused and concerned, and the caster just stares blankly at the Patronus until some nerd recognizes the shape and shouts, “Good lord, it’s a Blue Whale!”

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“How about a kiss, Saumensch?”

He stood waist-deep in the water for a few moments longer before climbing out and handing her the book. His pants clung to him, and he did not stop walking. In truth, I think he was afraid. Rudy Steiner was scared of the book thief’s kiss. He must have longed for it so much. He must have loved her so incredibly hard. So hard that he would never ask for her lips again and would go to his grave without them.”


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Name one hero that hasn’t felt pain

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animal blog :)

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A Song of Ice and Fire women & Pre-Raphaelite Art (+ associated artists): 

Joan of Arc (1865), John Everett Millais
- Night (1880-85), Edward Robert Hughes
Ophelia (1894), John William Waterhouse
Vanity (1907), Frank Cadogan Cowper
Mary Magdalene (1858-60), Frederick Sandys
The Soul of the Rose (1908), John William Waterhouse
Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses (1891), John William Waterhouse
- Priestess of Delphi (1891), John Collier
The Beloved (1865), Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Valykrie’s Vigil (1906), Edward Robert Hughes

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To the 4D baby prince of EXO who’s becoming an ohdult: thank you for enlightening us with your strange phrases and somehow encouraging us all to drink more milk! Most of all, thank you for always trying your best and never forgetting to tell your fans you love them. Happy 20th (21st) birthday, Oh Sehun! 귀여운 세훈아 생일축하해요~ 많이많이마아아아니 사랑해요~~! (click images for captions)

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Happy birthday to our dearest maknae prince, Oh Sehun! Looking back at your pre-debut photos, it doesn’t look like you’ve changed much at all- you are still the same, handsome boy. During the past 2 years, we have seen you grow not only height wise but talent wise as well. However, you still remain as the same boy who laughs at immature things,tortures his hyungs every day and yet prays for them every night. Your eyes still crease upwards when you’re happy, you clap like a seal when excited, you frown out of habit and you manage to bring a smile to so many people’s faces every single day.

On this day, i would like to thank your parents for raising such an angelic boy. May you continue to work harder to make them, as well as everyone else around you proud. Please stay happy and healthy and may all wonderful things come your way (after all, great things happen to great people, right?)I love you! 

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Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been."

- John Greenleaf Whittier (Maud Muller - Pamphlet)

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